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Enterprise Content Management

Plone is a highly secure content management system, predestined for use in the internet and in intranets/extranets.

Plone is an open-source content management system with an outstanding range of capabilities. Plone is based on Zope and Python. It is extensively configurable and can be extended as desired with the help of standard supporting products or through user-specific developments.

ZOPYX specialises in the execution and support of complex Plone installations, such as those of large portals in heterogeneous environments, as well as in the development of high-performance Plone extensions.

Plone aids in the realisation of classic websites, sophisticated intranet and extranet solutions and highly-specialised CMS solutions for publishers and the like.

Our customers value Plone for its easy operability, individually adjustable workflows and fine-grained security model.

Plone's outstanding security record renders it particularly suitable for the management of sensitive data.

Plone is among the core competencies offered by ZOPYX. Our team has been firmly anchored in the Plone developer community for many years and possesses an exhaustive knowledge of this highly capable CMS.

  • Simple to learn and operate
  • Highly scalable
  • Highly secure
  • Many specific extensions for universities and other institutes
  • Low-cost (no acquisition costs and no licence costs, unlike with other CMS providers)

Our Plone services

We deliver all possible services around the Plone CMS system.
Backend implementation and frontend/design services.

  1. BACKEND DEVELOPMENT - our strength is the development of solutions build on top of Plone. We delivered dozens of components in various Plone customer projects for than 15 years, since the very first version of Plone in 2002. 
  2. FRONTEND DEVELOPMENT AND THEMING - we are partner of Abstract Technology - a design agency from Berlin - when it comes to frontend development and design & layout. Abstract Technology delivers modern and state of the art designs and implements them on top of Plone technology - either using Diazo theming or based on client-technologies like Volto, React, Angular or VueJS ("Plone headless").
  3. PLONE MIGRATIONS - we deliver the full range of migration services for keeping your Plone site up to date. For some customers we migrated their portals over a lifetime of  ten years and more across several Plone major versions.  Over time developed several custom migration approaches in case when the standard Plone migration would not work. We migrated small Plone installations up to university Plone sites with hundreds of thousands content objects. Our migration services also includes the transition of your code and packages from Python 2.7 to Python 3.6 or higher.
  4. HOSTING AND MAINTENANCE  - we can offer Plone hosting if requested by our customers.  This ranges from standalone Plone installations up to very large Plone installations with dozens of nodes in the cloud. Service-level agreements can be arranged. 

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